Advice from one of the greatest geniuses of all times.

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Is winning the lottery a good thing or a bad thing?

A. Good.
B. Bad.

Andrew Whittaker was already a millionaire when he won the lottery. He won a $315 million prize on Christmas Day 2002. So he decided to donate some of the money.

But for some strange reason, when he did so, his life began to turn upside down. He became estranged from his wife. And his granddaughter died under strange circumstances. Whittaker turned to drink and ended up with a broken life.

By all accounts, he blamed his situation on the lottery, and when asked about the…

Because we never have time to waste.

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They say we are all made of pieces of sky.
We are all stardust.
We are all, in a sense, angels.
But we realize it too late.

That’s why we get it wrong so many times. That’s why we screw up so much. Because we’re constantly on the wrong track. We don’t realize that we are all the same: family.

Then, as we get older, we start to get things right. But there are times when you do the right thing too late, and all you get is pain.

That’s the truth. A truth hidden behind a life of disappointments…

Advice from a successful novelist with over thirty years of experience.

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Do you want to publish a book?
Do you want to improve your writing?
Do you want to learn from the best?

If your answer is yes, this article is for you.

Reading has saved my life many times and that is the reason why I dedicate myself to writing.

For me, reading is a selfish act that makes me better inside. That’s why when I write, I try to be generous and bring out all that is valuable.

I try to write about entertaining topics. But above all useful for those who read them.

That is my way of…

Essential life lessons for happiness and success.

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We spend our days chasing mirages.

  • The fancy car.
  • The Mansion.
  • The Fame.
  • The recognition.
  • The money.

Without realizing that nothing is ours. Not even our body. We lose everything while we live.

We come into this world crying, and we leave it, making those who remain to cry.

People who once loved us.

We become a bittersweet memory that sticks in their chest.

We live in an imperfect world, and yet we obsess over finding the perfect partner or the perfect job.

Let me tell you something: In an imperfect world, there is no such thing as perfect. …

Yesterday’s wisdom for today’s success.

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They say we all have a book in us. I believe it’s true. Everyone has a story worth telling.

However, some people whose lives are so intense that they carry not just one book inside of them, but hundreds.

People who dared to live with so much fire inside them that they set fire to everything in their path.

People who did not resign themselves.

People who ate their pain in spoonfuls and fear for dessert.

Brave people who faced death looking destiny in the eyes.

People who did not let themselves be defeated without a fight.

People who chose…

4 philosophical rules for living a good life.

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All of us want to be happy. But it is not as easy as it seems.

We spend 80% of the life chasing happiness, the other 20% sleeping.

It is ironic because only when we sleep, we find that state of inner peace similar to happiness.

For me, the conclusion is that we are doing something wrong when we wake up each morning. Maybe the secret of being happy is not to take it so seriously.

Chasing happiness seems to push it away.

What is clear is that we do all kinds of weird things to reach happiness.

  • We buy…

Hacks from the most widely read authors to improve your writing.

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You are not here for the money. You are here for the readings, and if you are not here for that reason. Then, you choose the wrong way.

There are no shortcuts to have success in writing.

Why should there be?

Think about it. You want the knowledge and wisdom you only achieve by writing. For this, you need some feedback.

And if you need feedback is no possible shortcut because you need to fail.

You need to fail big. And to fail-big, you have to spend more time writing than blaming yourself.

«I am not good enough.» «I will…

4 Steps to developing a growth mindset.

©Alberto García.

You are your parents’ child.
You are your friends’ friend.
You are your partner’s partner.
You are your co-worker’s co-worker.

But have you ever stopped to think about who you really are?

We are defined by our environment. You are what is expected of you. If you change, then you become something different: Something society doesn’t want you to be.

You are expected to fulfill the role that was specifically designed for your life. But if you don’t, you become an outsider.

That’s why you’re terrified of change. …

Lessons for the road ahead.

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Do you have a lot to say, but you keep quiet?

If not, congratulations.

But if you are like me, one of those who end up repressing their feelings and words, then this article is for you.

We all have a lot to say, but we keep it to ourselves most of the time.

It is a matter of courage, of daring.

We have a boss we want to tell a few things. But at the moment of truth, we keep our mouths shut.

We have an acquaintance who constantly abuses our trust, and we are unable to utter a…

3 Schopenhauer’s rules for living a good life.

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You live in a bipolar world.

On the one hand, you are told “Sleep less, dream more.”
And on the other hand, “Relax and enjoy the present moment.”

In the end, you don’t know which is the right way.

A- Go to the Himalayas and become a Buddhist monk.
B- listen to Alec Baldwin (every time he interrupts your favorite YouTube videos with his eToro commercial) and invest in cryptocurrencies.

Everyone wants to sell you their magic recipe for happiness. The only thing that changes is the narrative.

That’s why in today’s article I’m going to tell you about a…

Alberto García 🚀🚀🚀

Alberto García (Malafama1981) is the author of the books "Incommensurable. El libro encantado" and "Desde dentro" (Published by Editorial Planeta).

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