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Three Hard Life Lessons I Learned in My Forties That I Wish I Had Known in My Twenties.

My All-Time Most Viewed Stories

  1. Four Disturbing Quotes by Jordan Peterson That Will Change Your Outlook On Life
  2. My Grandfather Died at 92 Years Old — Here Are the Unsettling Life Lessons He Taught Me
  3. Four Disturbing Quotes From Yuval Noah Harari (That if You Read Them) Will Change Your Life
  4. Four Things Better Than Money. — And You Usually Don’t Realize It
  5. Four Disturbing Quotes by Gautama Buddha That Will Change Your Outlook On Life
  6. Three Signs The Universe Sends You When It Wants to Warn You of Something
  7. Four Disturbing Quotes by Carl Gustav Jung That Will Change Your Outlook On Life
  8. My 92-year-old Grandfather’s Method of Finding Out How Smart Someone is
  9. The Most Disturbing Piece of Advice I Received From My 92-year-old Grandfather Before Leaving This Earth.
  10. The Law of Attraction Will Not Work for You Until You Understand This
  11. 7 Cold Harsh Truths You Realize When You Reach Your 40s

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Malafama 1981 (Alberto García Martín) was published in the same Spanish publishing house as Haruki Murakami or Rupi Kaur. He writes stories to wake up. Because he has spent his life asleep, his passion motivates anyone who wants to move forward. He is afraid of darkness and people without values. He started writing on Twitter in 2017; since then, he has written every day without exception. He is a living example that if you want to, you can. And if you need to, you must.