Pessimism to Achieve Happiness

3 Schopenhauer’s rules for living a good life.

-I+I. Arthur Schopenhauer Express Biography

I. Quit looking for happiness sold to you on TV

We enter the world full of aspirations to happiness and enjoyment and retain the foolish hope of realizing them, until fate rudely catches us and shows us that nothing is ours, but that everything is his, since he not only has an indisputable right over all our possessions but also over our arms and legs, our eyes and ears, even over the nose in the middle of our face.

— Arthur Schopenhauer.

How to apply it to your life

II. Value what you have before you lose it

“When we look at everything we do not possess, we often think: «What would it be like if that were mine?» and so we come to feel the lack. Instead, when faced with the things we possess, we should often think, «What would it be like if I lost this?».”

— Arthur Schopenhauer.

How to apply it to your life

My list of beautiful things that I am grateful for

III. Take it easy and Keep it simple

“The surest means of not becoming unhappy is not to desire to become very happy, that is, to set the demands of pleasure, possessions, rank, honors, etc. at a very moderate level; for it is precisely the aspiration to happiness and the striving for it that attract great misfortunes.”

— Arthur Schopenhauer.

Ambitious Charles

Peter the moderate

How to apply it to your life

Final thoughts

Alberto García (Malafama1981) is the author of the books "Incommensurable. El libro encantado" and "Desde dentro" (Published by Editorial Planeta).

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